Search Strategy

Our Search Strategy has been developed and refined over more than four decades of successful search practices. We implement an efficient and inclusive process to deliver a well-qualified and diverse pool of candidates for consideration.

Our Approach to Search Begins With our Commitment to:

Our Five Phase
Search Process

Phase 1 › Needs Assessment & Marketing  

Search Counsel conducts a Pre-search Study to assess the needs of the College community by meeting with all campus constituencies in focus groups, open forums, or individually, to discuss the strengths and areas of growth of both the institution and the position; develop a comprehensive Executive Search Profile and advertising strategy; and implement a targeted networking and sourcing initiative. 

Phase 2 › Recruitment Strategy & Candidate Management  

Search Counsel implements a nationwide, inclusive sourcing initiative to market the opportunity, solicit nominations, and identify outstanding prospects. RHPA manages candidate communications and applications; and activates its web-based Secure Client Suite, which facilitates efficient review of candidate materials and other key documents.  

Phase 3 › Selection & Evaluation  

Search Counsel assists the Search Committee in reviewing the entire candidate pool; selecting a group of top candidates; narrowing that group of top candidates to a smaller group of semi-finalists for interviewing at an off-site location. Following its interviews, the committee selects a group of finalists for campus visits.  

Phase 4 › Finalist Due Diligence  

Search Counsel conducts in-depth due diligence for each finalist, including a full background check and extensive reference checks; Search Committee may opt to conduct home campus visits and/or utilize psychological assessments.  

Phase 5 › Finalist Interviews, Appointment & Closure  

Search Counsel meets with the Committee to review the due diligence and the results of on-campus interviews.  Search Counsel provides a recommended compensation report to the hiring authority, and assists in extending the offer upon request. We stay in contact with the client and the incumbent to ensure a smooth transition for the new leader. 

Complete trust and communication are essential to establishing and maintaining a full partnership with our clients. We know that every step we take reflects upon the institution we serve and we strive to represent our clients with the highest integrity and professional service.