Value-Added Search Services

For College & University Search Committees conducting their own
Presidential or Senior Administrator Searches

Whether your search is in the planning stage or in progress . . .

Committees may select either one or both of the following services:

  1. Identification of outstanding candidates to strengthen your pool

    • We present top candidates with complete dossiers on a password protected Secure Client Suite assigned to the committee. 

    • The team meets in conference with the search committee to review the top candidates.

  2. Conduct in-depth due diligence on the finalists

    • We conduct as many given and non-given (off-list) reference checks as necessary to ensure that the finalists are well qualified and a good fit for both the position and the institution.

    • We subcontract for background checks of federal, state, and county civil and criminal public records, driver’s license abstracts, and pre-employment credit checks.

    • We verify terminal degrees and publications and perform publicity checks through Google, Lexis-Nexis, the CHE, and other venues.

    • We present summary documents on the Secure Client Suite.

    • The team meets in conference with the search committee to review the finalist due diligence.


RHPA Senior Consultants Paul Doeg and Matthew Kilcoyne manage the Value-Added Search Services program. They work with the committee to ensure continuity and seamless integration throughout the institution’s search process. Since 2001, Messrs. Doeg and Kilcoyne have supported nearly 300 search assignments by implementing nationwide sourcing initiatives to identify top candidates, managing candidate communications, and conducting in-depth due diligence on finalists.

Contact us for more information

Mathew J. Kilcoyne

Mathew J. Kilcoyne,
Senior Consultant
matt at rhperry dot com

Paul G. Doeg

Paul G. Doeg,
Senior Consultant
pauldoeg at rhperry dot com